Info On Your Copper Sculpture

Words About The Care of Your Copper:

All my copper sculpture is intended for use both indoors and outdoors! It has been sealed to prevent the lovely colors from disappearing due to natural oxidation.  The shine on the surface is from the sealer. I have kept pieces in my garden year-round for twelve years to test the durability of this sealer, and so far the colors have not changed!dragonfly (2)

Please keep in mind that different geographical areas (e.g., salt water spray, intense desert sun) and different polution factors (e.g., acid rain) may influence the durability of the sealer. The key thing to watch for is the shine. If you notice the surface becoming duller over time, it might be a good idea to re-seal your piece.  Re-sealing can also be done if the finish becomes marred, chipped or scratched.   Also, over time the sealer will eventually break down completely. Once this has happened, your copper sculpture will begin its normal oxidation process (patina) and eventually turn green – after a very long time. The green patina I refer to is often called verdigris and is also quite beautiful.

Yes, you can re-seal it yourself! It’s very easy. Make sure the surface is clean (no abrasives or harsh cleaners – just dish soap and warm water) and dry with a soft towel. Dryness is very important. Allow at least 24 hours after cleaning. Bringing your piece out into the sunlight or briefly using a hair dryer on warm will chase away any humidity or moisture remaining on the surface. Then use the manufacturer’s directions on the can for spraying, ventilation, drying, etc.. Be sure to follow any safety precautions on the label – I am not responsible for the use or mis-use of any product used in connection with my sculptures.   I use a clear polyurethane spray sealer. I prefer the Rust-Oleum brand, but any clear polyurethane spray is fine.

Another tip to prolong the finish on outdoor pieces is to store them inside over the winter if you are in northern climates.

You Just Purchased Copper Garden Sprinkler – Here’s How to Adjust It:oblongsprinklerdetail

You can look forward to many years of enjoyment from your sprinkler. Sprinklers have an adjustable spray head which can be adjusted for a minimum 3’-4’ spray radius up to a maximum 15’ spray radius which will cover a maximum 30’ diameter area. sprinkler1



Two types of sprinkler heads are available. You may choose from either a 360/15’ circular spray or an adjustable pattern/15’ head. Use a small flathead screwdriver to turn the set-screw on the top of the sprinkler to adjust the spray as desired.


You can also remove the set-screw to access the plastic filter inside to remove hard water build-up or dirt.IM000499